Six-Sentence Story: All the Right Moves

The promotion’s preview made every hair on Randy’s arms stand at attention; it was a well made video package, but he was also aware, especially since his coach reminded him every chance he could, of the danger his upcoming opponent presented. 

It was a classic striker versus grappler matchup, but Randy had never met someone with the wrestling pedigree as “Coyote” Dan Graves, an Olympic silver medalist who, at least to this point in his MMA career, had completed one-hundred percent of his takedown attempts.

“If you make one mistake and he gets you on the ground, you’re as good as dead,” coach implored while the two fine-tuned the necessary footwork, and Randy didn’t argue the fact.

As Randy and his team drove from his home in the California foothills into the valley, he visualized everything practiced over the course of the month long camp—pumping a jab, stying away from the fence, and floundering like a fish brought ashore if he were dragged to the canvas.

For two rounds, Randy peppered Graves’s face, which swelled up like a beach ball, at a distance, cutting every necessary angle to stave off the wrestler’s threats with the moves of a choreographed dancer.

Just before the start of the third, the cage side physician determined Graves couldn’t see properly and waved off the contest, and Randy, overcome with emotion, screamed from the top of the cage, “This is my world!”

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  1. Look at all those writing challenges you took on this time! Impressive, very impressive. You very easily could have proclaimed those last four words in your SSS after linking your post.

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