A to Z Challenge: W is for Worldwide

Nowadays, mixed martial arts is prevalent on nearly every continent. 

Although the UFC, the MMA promotion most people associate with the sport, delivers their product around the world, others have established brands of cage fighting specific to their region; some of which have grown to massive popularity.

With greater advancements and accessibility to technology, promotions that were once invisible to anyone beyond their area’s borders can now be viewed by anyone with a device that allows streaming, closing the size of the world to within a few clicks. 

Not only are fans able to watch events from the comfort of their home, those residing in a particular country are flocking to fill the seats surrounding the cage. Interestingly enough, the UFC may the number one show atop people’s minds, but the promotional powerhouse is third in terms of record-breaking attendance. In 2002, Pride Shockwave set the bar at great heights, filling Japan’s Tokyo National Stadium with 71,000 warm bodies; and the runner-up in terms of numbers was KSW 39 in 2017, an organization housed in Poland who brought almost 58,000 fans into their venue. 

There are diamonds in MMA’s rough all over the globe, and every event, from big to small, offers an opportunity to be unearthed.

From the A to Z Blogging Challenge at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

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