Flash Fiction: Brawling In the Boonies

Kelvin made his pro debut at a show called Warrior’s Way, but the trip into the middle of nowhere made him think the name should be Brawling In the Boonies. 

“Let’s just get this win and get back to civilization,” Kelvin’s coach said as they entered the run down arena.

The win should have been easy enough for the longtime wrestler and undefeated amateur; Kelvin’s opponent was all arms and legs. 

When Kelvin entered the cage, he noticed the canvas felt more like plastic than fabric, and it instantly became a slip-and-slide when met with sweat. Kelvin shot for a takedown, lost his footing, and his opponent took advantage, wrapping those long arms around the neck and sinking in a guillotine.

Only crickets were heard on the drive home.

Word Count: 131

Prompted from the Weekend Writing Prompt: https://sammiscribbles.wordpress.com/2020/04/25/weekend-writing-prompt-154-fabric/.


  1. Hmm, some premature counting of chickens here, it seems.
    Your fight descriptions are excellent (says someone who knows nothing about your sport!)


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