A to Z Challenge: T is for Training

Iron sharpens iron. In MMA, a similar philosophy is carried into the training room: if you train amongst the most hardened individuals—from punching power, grappling ability, experience in the game, to mindset—any soft patches in your skillset will become steel. 

Of course, human beings are flesh and blood, not metal; therefore, the idea of simply placing people in the same room and attaining better results loses a little bit of luster. The concept, however, has led to the construction of “super camps,” gyms that house some of the greatest mixed martial artists and coaches on the planet, and many of these gyms boast champions of the leading MMA promotions. 

Several of the teams touted as elite include: American Top Team, Jackson Wink MMA, Team Alpha Male, American Kickboxing Academy, and others scattered around the world. Does this mean someone must train at one of these facilities in order to stand as the best-of-the-best? Certainly not. The fact is, though, more bodies at a particular weight class are available at gyms with notoriety, thereby allowing an opportunity to drill techniques and spar with individuals of a similar size and strength. 

Some fighters are able to discover success in much smaller gyms or using unconventional methods of training, but, more often than not, the cream that rises to the top settles in a pasture of high-level practitioners. 

Prompted from the A to Z Challenge at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/


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