A to Z Challenge: S is for Submissions

With the proper technique, positioning, and power, an opponent could be left with an important decision: let a bone snap, take a nap, or tap.

Much like the knockout, a submission will eject fans from their seats. In contrast from an earth-shattering KO, though, some MMA fans struggle to appreciate the aspects of the grappling game—the takedown, the control, the transitions—aside from the finished product.

A possible explanation for fans’ lack of interest may have to do with the fact that submissions are harder to come by than a knockout or TKO, so it may have seemed like there was a lot of rolling around for nothing. According to ufc-secrets.com—a site that examined over 5,000 UFC fights—only 21% of contests end by way of a submission.

Image from ufc-secrets.com

Breaking down the submissions into even finer detail, 78% involved the neck, 18.3% jeopardized arms, and 3.7% threatened legs. 

Image from ufc-secrets.com

The website combs through these stoppages even further, listing how many times various submissions occurred. 

Image from ufc-secrets.com

Next time an MMA match hits the canvas, instead of getting lost in the mess of human entanglement, try and appreciate and gain a deeper understanding for the finer intricacies occurring. 

Prompted from the A to Z Challenge at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/


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