A to Z Challenge: N is for Nostalgia

No matter the sport of choice, fans always hold their favorite competitors near and dear. 

In the fight game, however, fans tend to live more in the great moments of memory than the reality of the present. 

When a fighter has hung up the gloves but decides to return, their rabid flock of followers begin chomping at the bit. From the style that once reigned supreme to the iconic patterning of their shorts, the majority of MMA fans are eager for a familiar face, regardless of how much scar tissue has accumulated in the fighter’s.

Some promotions prey on the nostalgia of fans, matching a pair of antiques in hopes of acquiring additional views or pay-per-view dollars. Even if one wins in emphatic fashion, beating the other into a pile of dust, what’s next? Moreover, the risk in tarnishing their legacy hardly seems worth the reward. 

Very rarely does a mixed martial artist retire and then come back without appearing to have lost a step. If such a unicorn does exist and they reveal themselves under MMA’s bright spotlight, the run can only continue for so long, as Father Time is undefeated.

Of course, it can always be fun ride to hop in the time machine and travel back to some of a fighter’s most unforgettable days of glory, but it’s probably best to leave them there.

Prompted from the Z to Z Challenge at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/


  1. I would think that mixed martial arts would be physically exhausting and that, once the fighters retire, they would choose some other role, such as coaching. I can’t imagine that too many of them have a successful comeback. Your story about that attempt is really interesting, a view into a world that I don’t know all that well.

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