A to Z Challenge: M is for Memes

A mixed martial artist’s strikes and submissions may break your bones, but memes will shatter your feelings, especially those whom are far too sensitive. 

Sometimes, situations in MMA are as serious as a heart attack—a fighter getting arrested for poor decision-making or even being laid out on the canvas as stiff as a board—and a meme can deliver some much needed levity; in other instances, the sport seems to make a mockery of itself—athletes playing the role of a dramatized personality or cases where the irony is so rich one would imagine that it’s scripted.

The problem, or maybe just the problem of particular individuals: there always seems to be someone who claims a certain moment is no laughing matter. Maybe the stick is shoved too deep inside a dark cavity? Maybe a joke did go a bit too far? Either way, nobody is asking anyone to look. The perspective of meme-makers: if you shared in the laugh, hit the like button and pass it along to others, and if you didn’t find anything funny about the meme, don’t let the social media door hit you on the way out.

Unfortunately, the Internet offers everyone a voice, whether they are wanted to be heard from or not. Even though memes can be used to share a news headline, progress an idea, engage a conversation—not a war of words, or simply attack the funny bone, they can be one of the more divisive aspects of the sport.

From time to time, cancel culture may work on comedians in the real world, but the Internet will always remain undefeated!

Prompted from the A to Z Challenge at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

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