Flash Fiction: Worst Tattoo, Ever!

“You want this on your head?”

The tattoo artist looked at the logo of the Jiu-Jitsu gym before turning his eyes back on Carl.

“Yep!” was Carl’s enthusiastic response.

“Head tats are brutal; it’s gonna feel like I’m drilling into your brain.”

“I’ll endure the pain,” Carl ensured.

The artist was more concerned about regret settling in. Plus, he thought two cartoon snakes wearing gis was a really stupid design.

He questioned Carl’s decision, “Why do you want it on your head so bad?”

“Because Jiu-Jitsu is the very first thing I think about when I wake up!”

Word Count: 100

Prompted from MMA Storytime’s 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge at: https://mmastorytime.com/2020/04/06/100-word-flash-fiction-13/.

Prompted from Fandango’s One Word Challenge at: https://fivedotoh.com/2020/04/10/fowc-with-fandango-head/.

Prompted from Your Daily Word Prompt at: https://allaboutwritingandmore.com/2020/04/10/your-daily-word-prompt-endure-ydwordprompt-april-10-2020/.

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