Six-Sentence Story: Gained Identity

Steve “The Barracuda” Fishman left his gloves in the center of the cage after a career that spanned two decades, though, he didn’t realize, at least not at the time, prizefighting had become his only identity.

After the typical bumps and bruises of a fight cleared up, there was still a hole in Steve’s heart that wouldn’t heal.

Steve’s wife suggested going for a run or training with the guys at the gym, but his response was always the same, “Why train with nothing to actually train for?”

Soon enough, Steve’s once bulging muscles were replaced by loose, soft tissue, and his noticeable bouts of depression weighed heavy on his family’s mind; therein, they begged him to visit a therapist, which, after countless arguments over the matter, he agreed.

For months, Steve did considerable soul-searching with the therapist, and, every so slowly, he discovered a comfort in being more than simply a cage fighter: a loving husband, an adored father, and even wanting to open a new bait shop next to the pier. 

One day, while walking around the amusement park with his family, a young MMA fan recognized Steve and wanted a picture with, as he called him, “the legend,” and the brief encounter warmed the former champ’s heart, instead of making him feel as though some piece of his past was left out in the cold.

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  1. I’m glad your story had a heartwarming ending. I’m sure it is more common than we realize – people who end careers not recognizing how much of themselves was the career. Steve is lucky to have found someone to help him work through the transition.

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