A to Z Challenge MMA

A to Z Challenge: C is for Cutman

When a fighter returns to their stool and things are looking grim: blood won’t stop leaking like a faucet, a flab of skin on their face is holding on by a thread, or a hematoma looks as though it’s on the verge of rupturing, a cutman can provide them one more round, which can sometimes be the difference between victory or defeat.

Even before the fighter steps into the cage, the cutman plays a vital role in preserving the bone structure in their hands. The proper hand wraps instrumental in either shattering the dreams of an opponent or turning one, or even all, of the hand’s twenty-seven bones into dust.

A quick smearing of Vaseline at the prep point—as a means of preventing cuts in the first place—and the fighter is loaded and ready to be locked.

In the midst of hand-to-hand combat, bumps, deep bruising, and wide, bloody gashes are commonplace, and cutmen possess the necessary tools for triage between rounds, such as an ice-cold enswell and cotton swabs or gauze soaked in adrenaline hydrocholoride to decrease blood flow. 

Without knowledgeable cutmen in the corner, more fights would be cut short.

Prompted from the A to Z Challenge at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/


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