MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 13

On this episode of the MMA Storytime Podcast, Mikey “Rolls” Gonzalez, a Bay Area mixed martial artist who deserves a lot more global recognition, joined the show to discuss the cancellation of his upcoming bout at Bellator 242, his fighting style, mindset, and more.

Gonzalez (7-1) was scheduled to meet Art Hernandez in his own backyard, when Bellator planned on bringing an event to the SAP Center on May 9, 2020; however, the worldwide pandemic slammed his opportunity shut, as well as the many other local talents out of Northern California who were also supposed to be featured on the card. Although Gonzalez is a humble, lifelong martial artist, his kind nature shouldn’t overshadow his killer instincts, which are violently displayed while under bright lights. During these trying times, Gonzalez remains positive, and he’s eagerly awaiting the reopening of the state so he can close himself into a cage and continue the pursuit of his dreams. 

Episode 13 streamed live on MMA Storytime’s Facebook Page:

If you were unable to catch the live stream, Episode 13 is also available on YouTube:

Be sure to follow Mikey “Rolls” Gonzalez on his journey toward the top:




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