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The Best Free Apps for Making Memes With Your Handheld Device

In the world of meme-making, there’s no need for expensive photoshop programs or degrees in graphic design to generate, enhance, or alter the appearance of a particular image. In fact, a quick visit to the App Store won’t empty your wallet, and, rather, fills your handheld device with powerful tools of the trade.


InShot (link here) is an easy-to-use app that, at absolutely no cost to you, possesses considerable value. Whether adding text to an image or video, adjusting the size of your canvas, or editing a video, InShot is a must have for any memer.


If piecing pictures together as a puzzle isn’t forming the image floating around in the clouds of your imagination, try stacking them on top of one another to get there. Phonto (link here) places the power to layer images over one another in your fingertips. Not only can images be dog-piled, they can be made more or less transparent, allowing an image to poke through another like a technologically-advanced version of peek-a-boo.

Face Swap

If you’ve ever wanted to transplant the face of your favorite fighter onto someone else’s, the Face Swap app (link here) is just the digital scalpel for you. With various options of this app staring you in the face, I’ve provided one, but play around with others to discover the best choice that meets your expectations.


Though the Internet is littered with a multitude of memes that can express 99.9% of your idea, the additional touch of the specific person or object you’re referencing can be the .1% difference between a chuckle and a stiffening of the abs. The Eraser app (link here) provides users an opportunity to breathe a unique life into something that may otherwise be stale.


Sometimes, after using several, or all, of the presented apps to manipulate the meme of your dreams, you may need a way to collage everything together or structure a story like a comic book, and Layout (link here) is just the app for such a task.

Of course, the online resources for creating memes are endless. The selections shared here are a free-of-charge way to transform your phone or tablet into an assembly line of nonstop giggles—some of which, hopefully, others will share in with you.

Meme away!

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