MMA Storytime’s New Sponsor: Mitraspec LLC

MMA Storytime is incredibly excited to acquire, and announce, Mitraspec LLC as a sponsor of the site.

In MMA Storytime’s attempt to deliver a healthy dose of mixed martial arts—by way of stories, poems, activities, articles, podcasts, and memes—it made sense to couple with a company, such as Mitraspec, focused on nourishing the bodies of top-notch fighters, fitness experts, as well as weekend warriors, with the purest blends of Kratom and other high-quality supplements. 

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family. For hundreds of years, Kratom has been used medicinally as a mild stimulant, pain reliever, and a means to wean off of opioids. The Kratom available at Mitraspec is sold in either a powder form, which can be used to make a tea, or as capsules. 

Along with sponsoring MMA Storytime, Mitraspec supports the MMA community—from amateurs rising the ranks to competitors at the highest levels—along with numerous others in the sports world, and many will be highlighted on future episodes of the MMA Storytime Podcast. 

Of course, anyone can visit and purchase their products, but all listeners of the MMA Storytime Podcast will have an opportunity to win a sample by simply participating in the show when it streams live on Facebook. Audience members who add to the conversation in the comments section will be entered for a chance to pick up free merchandise from Mitraspec—seems easy enough.

Be sure to follow the MMA Storytime Facebook page (link here), so you are aware of any upcoming episodes.

Also, don’t just wait for the possibility of a grab bag and check out Mitraspec for yourself:






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