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Six-Sentence Story: Get Off the Stool

The horn called an end to the second round, and each of Kenny’s legs felt dipped in lead as he trudged toward his corner. Ten-minutes of keeping this wrestler from smothering and smashing him forced fire into his lungs.

Prior to this outing at Cage Frenzy 7, cardio had never been an issue for Kenny, but this first fight, fresh off a month-long, country-wide quarantine, highlighted the intense training he lacked while cooped up in his apartment with La Torro, his two-year-old French Bulldog.

Kenny’s cornermen had to hold his exhausted, light heavyweight frame on the stool while encouraging him to continue—though they secretly wondered if he could—and providing some necessary instructions, “It’s time to show everyone here your heart; they already know you’re brave! Do you have the heart to do this, or not?”

When the referee instructed the cornermen and ring card girl out of the cage, Kenny’s chest swelled in rapid succession, the noise from the crowd injected a brief rush of adrenaline, and he marched forward upon hearing the bell, chasing victory or defeat but never giving up on his promise to himself to always compete.

Prompted from the Six-Sentence Story at:

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