Six-Sentence Story: Striker or Grappler?

Jaime “Just Do It” Johnson, a decorated kickboxer, and the submission specialist from São Paulo, Fabricio Viera, were scheduled to collide in the main event at Cage Battles 7.

The clash of striker versus grappler fueled the birth of mixed martial arts, and questions surrounding which style is superior has persisted for the past twenty-five years. 

“Every fight starts standing,” one fan could be heard saying to another. 

“If Viera drags Johnson to the mat, he’ll be snoring in seconds or have one of his limbs snapped,” was the retort.

The bell rang.

Viera and Johnson met in the middle, the Brazilian folded the striker with a devastating liver shot, and the unpredictability of the sport continues.

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  1. I would imagine the ideal competitor would be skilled in both styles and know instinctively when to utilize each. However! I know nothing about this sport, lol. Do you have to declare 1 style or the other when competing?
    Your Sixes are a continual source of new learning as invariably, I must wander the halls of Google 😀

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    • You can fight however you want in MMA. More in modern times of the sport, fighters are well rounded and skilled in all aspects of martial arts. Sometimes, though, men or women are extremely skilled in one specific area, such as Ronda Rousey in Judo, and they are able to dominate their opponent with that specific skillset.


      • Thanks as always for broadening my knowledge base 😀 I’ve been a fan of martial arts since my younger years, but as I’ve mentioned in the past, never ventured into the land of MMA. Will Google Ms. Rousey and see what she’s about.

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  2. The ignorant (like myself) don’t always understand the nuances of a particular sport, so I appreciate the chance I have to learn from your story.

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  3. The “devastating liver shot” brings to mind someone writhing in pain. HIs poor body. Oh the things one does in order to claim the prize. One wonders if it is worth it in the end.
    Excellent writing!

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