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Six-Sentence Story: Not His Year

This was supposed to be Willam Buckner’s year.

Known as “Bill Kill,” he left a wake of welterweights in bodybags up and down the east coast. If William could get past Henry Burns, a highly touted warrior from the west side, he would earn both praise and a long desired contract from The Big Show, the globe’s leading MMA promotion.

The pair met in the middle; each intent on punishing the other. 

In a wild scramble, Burns wound up mounted above William, and the California native wasted no time in mining his skull for gold, dropping heavy, concussive elbows.

When one of the blunt force strikes removed William’s eyebrow like a slice of watermelon, the cage side physician stopped the bout, leading Burns toward the sport’s glitz and glamour and William back to the drawing board.

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