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Flash Fiction: A Loss Ruins It All

The butterflies in Tyler’s stomach bounced around like heated molecules. After a handful of fights, he thought he had a handle on his nerves, but a belt on the line and a huge opportunity for his career injected some self doubt.

“Breathe and visualize,” Tyler’s teammate repeated, and a few butterflies began flying in formation.

Tyler didn’t worry about the peanuts the promoter called “cash” or about his head being bashed in; instead, he believed he could do something great in the sport, and a loss would stall everything. 

An official poked their head into Tyler’s dressing room, “You’re up!”

Word Count: 100

Prompted from MMA Storytime’s 100 Word Flash Fiction Challenge at:

Prompted from Fandango’s One Word Challenge at:

Prompted from the Three Things Challenge #156 at:

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