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Six-Sentence Story: Don’t Count Him Out

The commentators sitting cage side were drawn toward the edge of their seats as Sirens called Odysseus from out at sea. 

Hypnotized by the striking clinic on display at the hands of a Brazilian legend in—known simply as “Vibora,” which meant viper in Portuguese—the play-by-play discussion led viewers to believe: the knockout was a forgone conclusion. 

In the moment, their analysis didn’t sound home cooking. Human bodies, typically, aren’t supposed to absorb that much punishment, but when you’re a Russian wrestler built like a stack of Legos, it seemed otherwise.

“Vibora” stabbed at his stocky opponent with a combination of two left jabs and an overhand right, punctuated with a tenderizing leg kick. 

When the punches missed, the outsider, in one, dynamic motion, snatched the flying leg from the sky, hoisted “Vibora” above his head, smashed him into the canvas, and sent shockwaves through the now silenced arena.

Prompted from the Six-Sentence Story at:


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