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10-Sentence Story: Fight

Ronda Perkins pointed to the blue corner, “Are you ready?” Then, she pointed to the red corner, “Are you ready?” Lastly and in customary fashion, she clapped her hands, pointed to the center of the cage, and hollered, “Let’s give em’ a show!”

The rush after refereeing five of the nine mind-bending bouts at Death Circle 7 lingered as Ronda’s 2006 Nissan Maxima crawled toward the exit. As the sedan’s taillights dulled, signaling its assimilation into the major thoroughfare’s flow, they were ripped from view by a howling missile—a Ford F-150 traveling 70 in a 45. 

Screeching tires and an eerie disfigurement of metal drew the remainder of the crowd leaving the venue. When the members of the region’s tight knit MMA community realized it was Ronda being extracted from the mangled vehicle with the jaws of life, they encircled her with silent prayers as well as trumpeting encouragement.

“You got this Ronda!”

Ronda would require a championship caliber fight on her road to recovery.

Before taking her first steps in physical therapy—after three operations and nine months of healing—the doctor asked her, “Are you ready?”

Prompted from MMA Storytime’s 10-Sentence Story Challenge at:

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