Six-Sentence Story: Crystal

Eleven rounds in to a fifteen round practice and Eli questioned whether he had it in him.

Prior to the start of the twelfth, one of the team’s veterans, Theo “This Guy” Higgins, recognized Eli’s distant stare—a look of uncertainty and despair—through a mask of sweat.

Higgins pulled Eli back into reality with a pop on the shoulder using a sixteen-ounce Everlast club, “You got this man,” he began. “Survive these next four rounds, focus on cutting weight next week, get your hand raised, and it’ll all be worth it.”

Easy for a dude who’s been doing this for nearly twelve years to say, though Eli only nodded his head in return because he knew Higgins, a former Champion with seven title defenses, was right.

“If it were as simple as looking into a crystal ball,” Higgins continued while stepping back onto the mat, “we wouldn’t have to prepare for every possible scenario inside the cage.”

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