MMA Storytime Podcast: Episode 2

During episode 2 of the MMA Storytime Podcast, listeners (on Podbean) and viewers (on YouTube) are introduced to Gabriel “Warrior of God” Freyre, who is scheduled to make his professional MMA debut on February 1, 2020.

The world of fighting is nothing new for Freyre—a lifelong martial artist and former member of the Army. After injecting his skillset into a handful of amateur MMA and boxing competitions, Freyre is ready, and eager, to take the next step in the hurt business. First on Freyre’s list, the hitman for hire will meet Nick Maupin, an opponent with nearly twice the cage experience, at Hard Rock MMA 114 in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

Over the course of the podcast, Freyre discussed his self-made approach, what fans—and haters—can expect, and, without looking past his future foe, the potential he packs in every powerful punch.

Check out Episode 2 of the MSP on YouTube:

Episode 2 of the MSP is also available on Podbean:


To order HR MMA 114 on pay-per-view, go to:

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