Six-Sentence Story: Pine

Mike pulled his hunk-of-junk Honda Civic into the usual parking spot. Mike’s training partners, who were much more reliable than his car, were huddled around and chatting lightheartedly, knowing full well that all hell was about to break loose.

Sparring days at O’Malley’s MMA were nothing short of pure chaos, which was exactly what Conner O’Malley, the late founder of the facility, expected. Ever since O’Malley passed away several years ago, Mike, who was willed the gym by the no nonsense, warm-hearted coach, and his crew of training partners continued with the same weekly regiment—especially on the days they’d spar. With his own two hands, O’Malley laid the concrete foundation, constructed the building using pine, rolled out some mats, and hung a few heavy bags, and the half dozen fighters nearly leveled the place when instructed to “go live.”

Who knew: a gym built from Christmas tree wood would be a treasured gift that’d keep on giving?

Six-Sentence Stories are prompted from Girlie on the Edge at:


  1. You easily conveyed a sense of devotion and camaraderie among friends with a common goal. It appears Mr. O’Malley’s legacy will live on as he had hoped.
    (Evoked memories of the first gym I ever joined where I first started lifting weights. Half underground space in a converted mill building, extremely basic, no frills. It was perfect 😀 )

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  2. How great it is that this group will have many more years sparring in a building with such history. Knotty pine has such an inviting, homey feel where they can chill after the sparring.

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