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Six-Sentence Story: Exchange

All the talk and hype was over; the next time Phil “50 Caliber” Callaway and Jeremy “Sand” Mann would meet was in the center of the cage for the Heavyweight Title.

The 50,000 attendees inside Mitchell Stadium perched on the edge of their seats when the bell set Callaway and Mann on a collision course.

During the opening round, the two massive frames attempted to make short work of one another, standing in the pocket and launching strikes like scud missiles at one another.

Five-minutes down and Mann, whose eye began swelling shut and blood trickled from his mouth, wore the worst of the damage, and his coach barked, “Don’t just exchange punches and kicks with this guy, take him down!”

Mann left his coach’s advice on the stool.

As soon as the ringing left Mann’s ears and the stars disappeared from his vision, the big guy from Garberville, California promised to be a better listener in the future.

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